RCM News: Scanning Negatives to Bring Old Memories Back to LIfe

We have been busy at the Reno County Museum! 

In 2001, the Hutchinson News donated 6,250 packets of photo negatives to the museum. Wow, that is a lot of photo negatives! The negatives contain various Reno County images from 1972 to 1998. Museum staff spent countless hours to get these photo negatives cataloged, organized and rehoused for their preservation. However, they are relatively difficult to use and appreciate in their current form. You can’t fully view an image on a photo negative until it’s developed into a photo.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Hutchinson Community Foundation we were able to purchase a scanner that has the capabilities needed to scan negatives, effectively making them usable photographs again! We hope to begin the scanning process for the rest of these photo negatives very soon!

n the meantime, enter a local Hutchinson resident who was searching for a photograph of his friend who attended Sherman Middle School in 1985. The friend recalled attending a program at school at which Muhammed Ali spoke to the crowd of teachers, students, and others. The Hutchinson News covered this event and published a photo of Ali, with the young, excited student visible in the photo. The friend has cherished this photograph for many years, but somehow misplaced it. His friend approached us to locate the photo among the negatives. 
We are so excited and pleased to be able to share that photo, along with several others from that wonderful event! 

So, many thanks to The News for donating the negatives to us, the Hutchinson Community Foundation for the grant, and to great friends for searching for cherished photos!

Please take a look at the amazing historic photos, made available with the support of our community! 


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