Bottle Collecting and Local History

Mike McJunkin is a swell guy who enjoys collecting stuff, special stuff. It’s been in his blood since he was a kid, acquiring pocket knives and coins.

As an adult, he’s collected high wheel bicycles, bicycle license plates, motorcycles, postcards, and books. Recently, he bought a couple hundred bottle caps because the price was right. This led him to purchase a bottle because of his interest in the bottle cap.

T. J. Bixler’s Famous Carbonated Soda.

There’s a difference between having the bottle caps and collecting them. Currently it’s like an audition. Mike has them but he’s still undecided if he’ll collect them. They haven’t fully piqued his interest yet.

I understand. There needs to be a connection before I commit. So many things to collect, so little time.

McJunkin showed me some embossed bottles advertising “T. J. Bixler’s Famous Carbonated Soda, Hutchinson, Kansas.”

The bottle had a local history which is important to both of us. In this case, when McJunkin was in Junior high school, he lived across the street from T. J. Bixler!

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Courtesy of Jim Potter’s blog. 


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