Harvey Houses: The Bisonte Hotel

Artifact of the Week!

 Photo of the Bisonte at the corner of 3rd and Walnut.

This week we have a look at one of Hutchinson’s most beloved land marks, sadly now lost. The Bisonte Hotel!

The hotel/restaurant was built in 1908, sold to the American Legion in 1946, and was demolished/burned down in 1965. It is not only a treasured memory of Hutchinson, but also one piece of the story of one man and his mission to bring good food, good lodgings, and ladies into the West.



The artifacts we’ve shared above include a Christmas Day menu, gaslight fixture, china set, and marble counter top from the Bisonte Hotel, as well as a letter sent to a prospective Harvey Girl. 

To learn more fascinating tidbits about our local history come visit us at the Reno County Museum!

Read more about the history of the Bisonte Hotel, Harvey Houses, and Fred Harvey by clicking our link below:

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