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Our Volunteers are Awesome!

We could not do it without them! Our volunteers are what keep things moving forward at the Reno County Museum! They volunteer their time to assist with cataloging artifacts, placing things in storage, operating our front desk, and being a part of museum events. They each bring something unique and wonderful to the Reno County Museum and are always a joy to work with!

Lou Albildgaard

Lou likes local history, miniatures, and collecting. Her collection of coffee mugs is currently on display as part of the Reno County Museum’s “My Crazy Collection! exhibit. Lou volunteers her time to catalog artifacts and assist our curatorial department with object worksheets.

LaVerne Gray

Laverne likes helping others and spending time with her grandson. She volunteers her time at the museum to operate the front desk during events, which are usually after hours. She also likes to give us a hand with our adult events such as book signings, Weird Tasteless and Freaky, and our public Ghost Hunts. 

Joanne Burkhart

Joanne has volunteered with us through the summer of 2017 & 2018. she helped us make a lot of progress accessioning new artifacts into our collection. She continues to assist us with accessioning artifacts into the Museum collection.

Linda Seeger

Linda has been with us for over a year as part of the SER program. She greets visitors at our front desk during the week and helps with various projects. She has a great personality and engages with our visitors every day

 Virgi Navarro

Virgi is an amazing addition to our team. He unique personality brings something special to our events and our reception area. Thanks Virgi! 

Loxi Sykes

:Loxi has been a supporter of the Reno County Museum for quite a while. She volunteered to help with transciptions over the summer of 2018 and is now volunteering regularly at the Museum’s front desk. Loxi has a passion for history and people, and we are glad she is part of our volunteer team. 


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